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Rocky Mountain Math Teachers’ Circle–September 7th
Engaging with the Standards of Mathematical Practice
from the Common Core
Academic Year 2013-2014 Workshops

Come join other middle-level teachers and mathematicians as we work together to develop capacity with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice.

In these fun and engaging workshops, you will experience the learner’s role while you collaborate with others to work through various problem-solving tasks designed to develop your mathematical and problem solving skills and you own facility with applying the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice.

New this year: The last hour of each session will include a structured, professional learning community to help support you as you work towards implementing the Standards of Mathematical Practice into your classroom.

Participants can choose from graduate credit, continuing education credit, or a certificate of attendance.

To register please email: Elizabeth Tarbutton at

Please include:
-Your name
-Name of school
-Your district
-All grade levels that you teach
-Date(s) for which you are registering

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